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Despite claims that the number of MOT Cancellation Slots NI is dwindling, DVA insists that there are still plenty of opportunities to take your car for an MOT test. In fact, it says that there has been an “unprecedented increase in applications”. However, this is not good news if you are planning to get your car tested soon. There are only so many MOT test slots available and if you miss a test, you can face a PS1,000 fine.

AA warns drivers who delay booking an MOT could risk a PS1,000 fine

AA Cars warns drivers that if they delay booking an MOT they could be at risk of a PS1,000 fine. It says there is a risk of a backlog of cars needing MOTs in the coming months. Those who wait until the last minute to book a test may find themselves without a place, while others may struggle to get their car tested in time.

According to AA research, up to 5.5 million motorists deferred their MOT during the lockdown restrictions. It says there were a total of 414,700 tests completed between September and the end of February. This represents a 10% rise on average over the last five years.

The government has also set up a MOT reminder service, which requires a phone number and email address. However, some garages have already started to have a waiting list of cars for MOTs.

The new MOT laws, which came into force in May, mean that unroadworthy vehicles will be fined more heavily. A fixed penalty notice can go up to PS1,000 if the fine is taken to court.

It is important to have a valid MOT certificate for your car, as it is a legal requirement for all cars over three years old. It is also a statutory requirement for vans and trailers.

Getting an MOT cancellation appointment can take up to 24 hours

Getting an MOT cancellation appointment can be a challenge. Some motorists are travelling hundreds of miles to secure an appointment. Fortunately, there are many MOT test centres open seven days a week.

A MOT test checks that your vehicle meets safety and environmental standards. It also provides the driver with an opportunity to check that their car is in good working order. A valid MOT will also prevent your vehicle from being fined for non-tax compliance.

However, the ABI has announced that there is no “magic trick” to obtaining an MOT test. It is possible to book an MOT by calling a booking line or via the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). If you do manage to get an appointment, you will have to make an appointment at least a month in advance.

The ABI has reassured drivers that their insurance cover will not be compromised by the delays. It is worth noting that the backlog is not confined to cars; buses, motorcycles, and heavy goods vehicles are all affected.

The most important thing to remember is that you must get an MOT before the deadline or you could be looking at an MOT failure. If you cannot get an MOT before the expiry date of your current MOT, the police can refer you to the DVLA.

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